Alex MacLean

Fine Art

Oblique aerial photography is a powerful way of collecting, analyzing, and sharing visual information about cultural landscapes. In addition to working with clients on specific projects, Alex MacLean also creates striking visual compositions that have been exhibited all over the world and printed in hundreds of publications, including his own.

Please visit: for more information on MacLean's fine art images and to see a list of galleries that represent his work.

Desert Housing BlockLas Vegas, NV 2009From the series Arid Lands. Digital Capture, Ref #: 091026-0689
Recent work from Untitled series, 2013Digital Capture, Ref #: 130718-0196
Directionless Lobster Boats Tremont, ME 2008From the series Going. Digital Capture, Ref #: 080611-0194
Crop TonesPapillion, NE 2011From the series Growing.Digital Capture, Ref #: 110930-0062
Coal Dust SuppressionNewport, VA 2011From the series Deserting. Digital Capture, Ref #: 110430-0320